Monday, March 12, 2012

Two reads for Richmonders

There are two pretty interesting reads for Richmonders that I'd like to recommend today. The first is John Bryan's commentary in the March 11, 2012 Richmond Times Dispatch entitled "So what do you think of Richmond?". Bryan is president CultureWorks in Richmond, and he asked 33 marketing "professionals" that very question.
Among the 33 interviewees, 19 had zero knowledge about Richmond: "Zilch," said Jennifer Salcido from Providence.

Of the 14 remaining interviewees, six knew just one thing: Richmond has something to do with history. But none of those six could provide anything specific regarding the history.

Among the remaining eight interviewees, none knew more than one or two things about Richmond.
Richmond could be an arts and entertainment destination that rivals Austin, Memphis, and Nashville if only we'd take the common-sense step of doing away with the regressive admissions tax--but I digress.

The second read I'd like to recommend to Richmonders is Mayor Dwight C. Jones' "Proposed Capital Improvement Program: 2013-2017." Yes, the title is dry, but the document has lots of interesting insights about possible future plans for Richmond, Virginia. Here's a video of the mayor introducing his proposed budget.

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