Friday, March 02, 2012

"Speak Loud With Silence" returns to Virginia's Capitol Square tomorrow

Tomorrow's protest will happen, rain or shine. From their Facebook event page:

On Monday, February 20th, over 1200 people gathered on Capitol grounds in protest of the anti-choice bills making their way through the General Assembly. Our voices were heard and the success of this protest was felt across the country. Those who came out made the "Personhood Bill," and the first "Ultrasound Bill" national news and ultimately lead to their demise!

But the fight is not over. The attack on women's reproductive rights is larger than these two bills. A likely republican presidential candidate is against contraception! We must not settle. Virginia will be heard nationally when we defeat ALL bills limiting choice and access.

On Saturday, March 3rd, we're putting out a call out for over a thousand to march on the Capitol and stand in front of the Governor's Mansion demanding that he veto ALL these bills. This will be a similar style of protest as Feb 20th, with some new tactics included.
Get all the details at Facebook.

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