Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rush Limbaugh and his fans are pond scum

Rush Limbaugh and his fans are pond scum. If you are a fan of Rush Limbaugh, you are scum.


Lythos Studios said...

Interesting that Democrats don't want to allow any opinions other than their own. Seems contradictory, but well....that's how they do things. Not open to opinion; not open to discussion.

Sad and pitiful.

C Hamner

Eddie said...

Interesting. Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluck a s*** and a prostitute, Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a c***. Everyone jumps on Rush but no on calls out Bill Maher. Hmm....hypocrisy anyone?

The Richmonder said...

Eddie, I think there are two key differences:

1) Rush Limbaugh is the semi-official head of the Republican Party. He speaks on behalf of the GOP and no Republican dares to contradict him. Bill Maher is just a comedian who happens to be liberal.

2) Sarah Palin is a public figure, politician and celebrity who put herself into the public spotlight and who has said and done many cruel things herself. Sandra Fluke is a private citizen who testified before a Congressional panel.