Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peyton Williams aligns himself with Tim Kaine on energy policy

Peyton Williams

From the Peyton Williams for Congress campaign:

Today, Democrats in the Commonwealth of Virginia are talking about the choice we face in this election over energy policy.  Here in Charlottesville, VA, House of Delegates Democratic Minority Leader David Toscano and Charlottesville Democratic Co-Chair Jim Nix held a press conference to discuss the comprehensive energy policies of Tim Kaine and President Obama.  The contrast could not be more clear between the Kaine and Obama policies and those of George Allen and Mitt Romney.  The GOP politicians are pushing for more subsidies and handouts to big oil companies, masquerading as energy policy.  The Obama and Kaine policies represent a thoughtful, comprehensive approach that is multi-source and will promote renewable energy while protecting our economic and national security.  Peyton Williams has been advocating for an energy policy very much like the Kaine plan throughout his campaign.  Mr. Williams had the following comment about the energy policy discussion:

Tim Kaine is talking about a comprehensive, multi-source approach to Virginia's energy needs - this is something I have studied and advocated for many years.  This is what President Obama has been working for the nation, and it is what I will work for in Congress.

Democrats are on the same page; we have a plan and we will execute it. That's what I did in my military and civilian careers, and it is what I will do in Congress in concert with Tim Kaine in the Senate and the Obama White House.
I tagged along with the Kaine campaign today on one of his campaign stops (I'll post about that later) and something Tim Kaine said really resonated with me: when asked to contrast himself with George Allen, Tim Kaine said that he views the United States' most important asset as being its people, where Republicans like Allen are more interested in boosting the profits of Big Oil. People versus Oil.  Republicans want to make certain that oil companies have unfettered ability to exploit the American people, while Democrats like Tim Kaine and Peyton Williams are looking for ways to preserve and expand the human capital of the United States.

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