Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breaking: Shannon L. Taylor endorses E. Wayne Powell for Congress

Shannon L. Taylor (left) with E. Wayne Powell in December 2011

The election of Shannon L. Taylor to Commonwealth's Attorney of Henrico County was one of a very few bright spots for Democrats in last year's elections. Shannon's win is an example of what can happen when Democrats plan for victory, even against long odds, rather than accepting defeat beforehand, or even planning for it. Now Shannon L. Taylor is calling for Virginia Democrats and Progressive to support the campaign of E. Wayen Powell against Eric Cantor.

From the campaign website of E. Wayne Powell:
Dear Friends:

Last summer, some people called me crazy when I announced I was running for Henrico Commonwealth Attorney. They said I didn't have a chance to win, that Eric Cantor and his Republican machine would defeat me and that Cantor's hand-picked candidate for the office, right wing Delegate Bill Janis, was a shoo-in to win the seat.

Yet, just 3 short months later on election night, it was a thrill when Senator Donald McEachin introduced me at our election night party with the words "Eric Cantor, meet your new Commonwealth's Attorney, Shannon Taylor!"

Well, now there's another race that we know will be a challenge, that people think we can't win - against Eric Cantor himself. And that's why I'm writing you today, to let you know that I'm all in for my friend Wayne Powell and that I hope you'll join me in supporting his candidacy for Congress.

I've seen Wayne in a courtroom and I know how he fights for his clients and for what's right. I know he is a fighter. He's gutsy, tenacious, and won't back down. Believe me, Eric Cantor will have to fight everyday just to try and keep up with Wayne.

In fact, the single advantage Eric Cantor holds is his huge war chest of corporate cash. And that's where Wayne needs us in his corner, doing everything we can to help him fund his important campaign. Please help out with a gift of $500, $250, $100, $50 or what you can afford.

Wayne is a progressive Democrat who will fight for our Democratic values. Wayne is not going to let them disrespect women. He will stand up for workers and for our public education system. Wayne will make sure we address our climate crisis. He will put people first, not moneyed special interests or wealthy corporations.

Wayne will proudly stand with President Obama and Tim Kaine. He will watch their back.

Please join me in supporting Wayne Powell so that we can have a Congressman we can be proud of.


Shannon Taylor
Henrico Commonwealth Attorney


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