Saturday, February 11, 2012

Must read: "Nattering nabobs of negativism"

Dana Milbank's column in yesterday's Washington Post nicely captures the corner Republicans have painted themselves into:
“How many of you,” Scott Rasmussen asked the crowd at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, “have ever mocked or made fun of the president’s call for hope and change? Raise your hands.”

Most people in the Marriott Wardman Park hotel ballroom raised their hands. There were cheers and whoops.

“With all due respect,” the conservative pollster and commentator told them, “I’d like to say that’s really stupid.”
The Republican Party--and particularly House Republicans under the leadership of Eric Cantor--have crossed the line from rooting against the United States to deliberately attempting to delay or sabotage economic recovery.

The question is, can the Democratic Party organize itself in time to get this message across?

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