Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus "PROTECT OUR VOTE" RALLY on Tuesday January 31, 2012

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus has issued a call to action and requests your presence at their "PROTECT OUR VOTE" RALLY on the morning of January 31, 2012 at 10:00am at the Bell Tower in the lower southwestern corner of Capitol Square in downtown Richmond, Virginia (near the corner of 9th and Franklin Streets).

The "PROTECT OUR VOTE RALLY" will feature Special Guest Civil Rights leader Dr. Benjamin Chavis.
Benjamin Chavis is an African American civil rights leader. Dr. Chavis was born Benjamin Franklin Chavis, Jr. on January 22, 1948 in Oxford, North Carolina. In his youth, Dr. Chavis was an assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who inspired him to work in the civil rights movement. Dr. Chavis rose to international prominence as the leader of the Wilmington Ten. A former Vice President of the National Council of Churches, Dr. Chavis became the Executive Director of the NAACP, and he served as the National Director of the Million Man March as well as the Founder and CEO of the National African American Leadership Summit (NAALS). Since 2001 he has been CEO and Co-Chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, in New York City which he cofounded with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Dr. Chavis joined with Ezell Brown in 2009 to establish Education Online Services Corporation which is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida.
The General Assembly will vote on the voter suppression bills on Tuesday and this rally is your chance to make your voice heard. For more information; (757) 287-0277 or email

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