Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tom Perriello on "The GOP's Racial Politics"

Former Congressman Tom Perriello has a guest blog post up at Think Progress entitled "The GOP's Racial Politics":
From the subtle to the sickening, this Republican primary season has seen a normalizing of racist and racially-coded language. It was not so long ago that the chairman of the Republican National Committee apologized for his party’s history of “trying to benefit politically from racial polarization,” and told the NAACP, “I am here today as the Republican Chairman to tell you we were wrong.” Such leadership cannot be found now.
Read Perriello's entire blog at Think Progress.


James Young said...

Bold words from a member of the party of Bull Connor, Orville Faubus, George Wallace, Jim Crow, and Robert KKK Byrd.

The Richmonder said...

Of course you realize that all of those people, except for Byrd, would be Republicans by today's standards.