Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Right Wing Terrorists indicted in Alaska

Right wing terrorists Schaeffer Cox, Coleman Barney, and Lonnie Vernon face additional charges related to their plan to wage war against the United States:
Schaeffer Cox and two of his followers in the Alaska Peacemaker Militia appeared in court on Monday expecting to file more motions to dismiss the charges against them. Instead they were greeted with additional indictments by a federal grand jury charging them with conspiring to kill government officials, including law enforcement officers.

According to the latest indictment, Cox and company did “knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully conspire and agree together” to “kill, with premeditation and malice aforethought, officers and employees of the United States, including law enforcement officers.”

The maximum sentence for the charges is life in prison.
Read the entire story at TPMuckraker.

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