Thursday, January 12, 2012

Richmond Police not enforcing noise ordinance

Bucket Boys with Drunks

Residents of Richmond's downtown area are suffering under a plague:
Through the window, the lights from the marquee outside the National concert hall shine. Drizzle falls to the steady sounds of drumstick meeting plastic bucket. "It's 12:30 a.m., and they're still playing," Jonathan Dice says.

The scene comes from a 32-second video that Dice shot from inside his condo a few days before Christmas. A resident of the renovated Miller & Rhoads condominiums on Broad Street, Dice says that despite laws regulating excessive noise, he and other residents often are awakened after midnight by the incessant pounding of street percussionists playing for money outside nearby performance venues.

Dice says he doesn't mind people making music on public streets. He's a recent transplant from busker-friendly Nashville, Tenn. "At a certain point, though, it becomes excessive," Dice says. He and other residents of Miller & Rhoads say their continuing complaints to Richmond police haven't deterred the bucket drummers.
Read the rest of the story at Style Weekly.

The "Bucket Boys" aren't just a problem on Broad Street--their cacophonous racket disturbs residents of Richmond all over downtown, Shockoe Slip and Shockoe Bottom. I speak from experience as I live in Shockoe Slip and I've called in dozens of complaints against these thugs who set up their "drum kits" (collections of plastic buckets, metal pots, and trash can lids) at 1:00am in front of my apartment building and play until 2:30am.

These jokers' real game is to try and extort money from people trying to get sleep in order to move along to the next block. They have also been known to vandalize the cars of people who ask them to move and complain to the police. One of my neighbors, a med student at MCV, was driven from her apartment by "Bucket Boys" who insisted on playing underneath her window until 2:30am on a day when she was due to be at MCV at 5:00am to work a 15-hour shift saving lives.

The Richmond Police Department and Richmond City Council have really failed the residents of the 6th City Council District.


C. Wayne Taylor said...

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C. Wayne Taylor said...

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