Saturday, January 28, 2012

Richmond City Democratic Committee elects officers for 2012-2013

The Richmond City Democratic Committee met on Thursday night and elected its officers and executive committee for 2012 and 2013. Chairman Emeritus Jim Nachman presided over the election in a packed meeting room in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

The results of the election were as follows:

Chair: JJ Minor
1st Vice-Chair: Nick Kessler
2nd Vice-Chair: Jeff Bourne
3rd Vice-Chair: Ophelia Daniels
Secretary: Tavarris Spinks
Treasurer: Eric Payne

Ward Chairs
1st "West End" District - Mark B. Hubbard
2nd "North Central" District - Steven Van Vorhees
3rd "Northside" District - Julian Ferris
4th "Southwest" District - Ben Ragsdale
5th "Central" District - Michael Brown
6th "Gateway" District - Jerel C. ("J.C.") Wilmore
7th "East End" District - Roderyck Bullock
8th "Southside" District - Amelia Lightner
9th "South Central" District - Gene Mason

These individuals will make up the RCDC's leadership during the next two critical years which will see a Presidential race and U.S. Senate race this year and statewide elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General next year. Congratulations and good luck to my fellow executive board members.

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