Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Republican establishment has played the Republican base for suckers

The Republican establishment has managed to give the GOP nomination to Mitt Romney despite flaws that will bring Romney down if he is the Republican nominee. Here's just a small sample . . .

1) Romney profited from abortions. That's right social conservatives, the Republican establishment is going to ask you to vote for a guy who cashed in on abortion.

2) The reason Romney doesn't want to reveal his tax returns is that he has millions of dollars parked offshore in the Cayman Islands in tax shelters. Something tells me that independent American voters aren't going to be all that sympathetic to Romney dodging U.S. taxes with a foreign tax shelter.

So congratulations on your nominee, GOP base. Have fun casting your vote on March 6, 2012--in Virginia you can choose from Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. I think we all know you'll vote as you were told to vote.

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