Tuesday, January 17, 2012

McEachin responds to Republican redistricting bill

Virginia State Senator Donald McEachin has come out swinging against the extreme, gerrymandered Republican redistricting plan. Last year, Republicans stalled and refused to agree to a fair compromise plan so that this year they could jam through their warped, gerrymandered plan. From Senator McEachin's office:
Senator McEachin Says Republicans Vote on Redistricting Again
Puts Partisan Power
Over the Interests of Virginians

Richmond – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today issued this statement on the Senate Privileges and Elections committee vote on Congressional redistricting. Senator McEachin said, “Today the Republican Senators voted for a Congressional redistricting plan. This vote, this action, is unconstitutional. The Virginia Constitution, a document we all as legislators swear to uphold, clearly states that redistricting is to be done in years ending with 1 (2011) after the completion of the decennial census. The Republican had that opportunity last year but chose not to come to a resolution. Instead they decided to disregard the Constitution for their own partisan purposes.

“Just as the Senate Republicans chose partisan power and their own self-interest over the interests of Virginians when they chose to ignore the tied election results and seize power, they now they are now forcing a Congressional district map whose primary attribute is incumbent protection.

Last year, they had an opportunity to support Senator Locke’s (D-Hampton) legislation that would have created districts that are more competitive, more compact and fairer. Her plan would have given Virginians a real opportunity for competitive contested races for Congressional seats. Repeatedly, voters have said this is what they want, but the Republicans, once again, choose to ignore the wishes of Virginia voters. Instead, they have determined they would rather power grab, protect their incumbents and deprive Virginia voters of opportunities to make real choices.

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James Young said...

Shameless. Absolutely shameless?

I am, of course, referring to McEachin, who supported a Senate gerrymander which resulted in Democrats getting 50% of the seats even though Republicans won 57% of the votes.

This guy must have taken lessons in shame from Bill Clinton.