Friday, December 30, 2011

Romney campaign plays "Birther" card

For the tiny handful of people out there who still suffer under the delusion that Mitt Romney is somehow different from the rest of the GOP field, that he is more "electable" because he won't resort to the nastiness and dog-whistle racism employed by so many of his GOP contemporaries, the time has come to stop kidding yourselves.

Earlier today, while serving as a campaign surrogate for his father in New Hampshire, Matt Romney told a crowd of voters that his father would release his tax returns when Barack Obama released his birth certificate. There are really only two possibilities here. Either Matt Romney actually believes in "birtherism" with all its racist implications, or the Romney family is willing to appeal to birtherism while knowing it is both false and racist. The Romneys are either racists or they are simply willing to say or do anything, no matter how despicable, in order to win the White House.

Watch the video of Craig Romney's remarks by clicking here.

In the context of the moment, it would appear that the second of these two possibilities is the truth. What Craig Romney is trying to do is deflect attention from the fact that if nominated, Mitt Romney would be the first major party candidate for the presidency since Watergate to refuse to release his income tax returns. Clearly, Mitt Romney has something to hide.

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