Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The fix is in for Virginia's GOP primary

The fix is in; the other shoe has dropped--the Republican establishment of Virginia has selected the "winner" of the state's 50 delegates. The first step was a last minute change in the Republican Party of Virginia's ballot petition rules in November 2011. This change excluded every GOP front runner from the Virginia GOP's primary except for establishment favorite Mitt Romney and Libertarian favorite son Ron Paul.

For Virginia's establishment Republicans, the threat presented by a Ron Paul insurgency was too great to tolerate. It was for that reason that the Republican Party of Virginia issued the following rule for the upcoming GOP primary: citizens wishing to vote in the Republican primary will be required to sign a "loyalty oath" requiring them to vote for the Republican nominee in the general election, regardless of who that might be. This requirement is a transparent move against Libertarian Ron Paul, a candidate who simultaneously threatens to bring non-traditional conservatives into the GOP while also threatening to leave the GOP and run as a third party Libertarian.

The March 6, 2012 Republican primary in Virginia is now all but irrelevant. The RPV's leadership has already picked its winner: Willard "Mitt" Romney. The fix is in, you read it here first--the 2012 GOP ticket will be Romney-McDonnell.

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