Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Allen lacks discipline, hates talking to voters

Youtube is not George F. Allen's friend, in fact technology in general doesn't seem to be his strong point. In the Youtube clip above, Allen finishes up a webcast with a handful of supporters and then, thinking the camera is off, continues speaking, calling his performance "torturous." Look at the pained expression on his face: Allen is not happy. He isn't ready for this campaign and he knows it. His heart isn't in it. George F. Allen knows he is going to be drubbed by Tim Kaine next year.

Tim Kaine is highly disciplined on the campaign trail, loves to meet people, and loves to do retail politics. Tim Kaine basically defines the term "happy warrior."

The Republican Party of Virginia is going to regret renominating this retread.

Hat tip to Lowell for uploading this video.

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