Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Polls are closed and results are coming in now

Well, it was a beautiful day for off-year General Assembly and Local elections. I voted early this morning in Richmond's 6th ward where two out of three races (McEachin and McClellan) were uncontested.

The polls are closed and results are starting to come in. Tonight I'll be watching Henrico County closely. This year I worked on two local races for Democrats Shannon Taylor and Tyrone Nelson. Taylor is in a three way race for Commonwealth's Attorney while Nelson is in a three way race for Varina District Supervisor.

Stay tuned as we watch tonight's results unfold!

8:14 pm:

Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney

24 precincts of 92 reporting
Geary (R) 17.49%
Taylor (D) 45.80%
Janis (I) 36.27%

Varina District Supervisor

7 precincts of 19 reporting
Donati (R) 38.96%
Nelson (D) 48.89%
Haller (I) 11.27%

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