Saturday, November 26, 2011

The GOP is the party of lies

There is a new "old" saying that goes something like this: "If you repeat a lie often enough, then you are probably a Republican." Exhibit #1, phony chain e-mails. Republicans love to use phony chain e-mails to spread their lies:
Nonpartisan debunkers such as,,, Emery and The Washington Post’s Fact Checker have been chasing down these tales and dousing them like three-alarm fires for years. (There’s even a chain e-mail that paints Snopes as a liberal cover-up for the White House.) It’s often difficult for these myth-busters to say with certainty where a falsehood began. But the numbers are clear.

Of the 79 chain e-mails about national politics deemed false by PolitiFact since 2007, only four were aimed at Republicans. Almost all of the rest concern Obama or other Democrats. The claims range from daffy (the White House renaming Christmas trees as “holiday trees”) to serious (the health-care law granting all illegal immigrants free care).
Read the the rest of this article at The Washington Post.

These days, to be a Republican, you have to be rich, a liar, or very gullible.

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