Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brian Moran lies to FCDC

Ben Tribbett points out the falsehoods spread by Brian Moran at the latest Fairfax County Democratic Committee Meeting. Moran flat out lied to the FCDC about candidate recruitment:

In Fairfax, Moran allowed two state legislative candidates to run without Democratic opposition. Tim Hugo would be very difficult to defeat in his district, but Moran also allowed Tom Rust to run without Democratic opposition. Rust's district was carried byBarack Obama, Mark Warner, Jody Wagner and Steve Shannon in 2008/2009 and performed 14 points better in margin that the state for Creigh Deeds. Local Democratic turncoatStevens Miller even got 46% here in 2009 versus Rust.

I'm not surprised that Moran lied to FCDC to try to save his own hide- but I am surprised that he did so in such a stupid way. Why would you claim in a county with a heavily Democratic seat that went uncontested that only strong GOP seats were left unopposed? Is Moran this stupid, or just so arrogant that he thought no one in the crowd noticed?

Read the complete story at Not Larry Sabato.

If DPVA wants to begin to rebuild, it will rid itself of Moran and much of the paid staff at RCDC. I doubt very much that we will see any real change in the near future.

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