Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shannon Taylor calls out Bill Janis for mistatements

The Taylor for CA Campaign is hammering Bill Janis for his dishonest attacks.
Taylor Demands Retraction and Apology
for Egregious Misrepresentation by Janis;
Says Janis Has Shown Himself to be
Remarkably Ignorant of the Law or Incredibly Dishonest

Henrico – Shannon Taylor, Democratic candidate for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney, today demanded that Bill Janis retract and apologize for his egregious misrepresentation on his campaign's recent attack mailer . “I was not involved as Mr. Janis states, and there is a US District Court opinion, a matter of public record, that shows I was not involved."

"I can only draw one of two conclusions from Mr. Janis' gross mischaracterization to the citizens of Henrico . Either he intentionally tried to mislead the voters in a despicably dishonest manner to further his political career, or Mr. Janis is so ignorant and so ill-prepared that he didn’t do the very basic research that one could expect of even a first year law student - to research the material and see that this issue was adjudicated and I was found to not be involved. This kind of ignorance and sloppiness is unacceptable for any law student, let alone attorneys and certainly not acceptable for someone who aspires to be Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney, a position that is critical to the safety and security of our community.

“Finding this public record is not difficult. For those of you who are not first year law students, there are two very simple methods. Either call the appropriate court clerk’s office and ask or use a lawyer’s Pacer account and do beginner research. This opinion is easily accessible, easily obtained and easily read. It is shocking that Mr. Janis does not know this most basic procedure.

“However, perhaps worse, is that Mr. Janis did know but chose to ignore the US Court opinion that completely demonstrated my lack of involvement in the case. That level of cynicism, of willingness to conceal the truth from the voters, to complete abdicate any responsibility for the truth or honesty, is totally unacceptable.

“This is the lowest level of politics and exactly what, legitimately, makes the voters disgusted by the political process. Mr. Janis has shown himself to be remarkably ignorant or incredibly dishonest. Either way, I demand an apology and a retraction.

“The voters of Henrico deserve better than this win-at-all-cost approach to acquiring political power. They have seen more than enough character assassination and political gamesmanship over the past several months. They deserve a Commonwealth’s Attorney who can and will do the research and a Commonwealth’s Attorney who will deal honestly and ethically with them. Would you want someone making decisions on prosecuting homicides or rapes who can’t even do first year legal research or chooses not to?”


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