Monday, October 17, 2011

Redstate blogger calls for violence against OWS protesters

This is the Republican point of view as represented by the website RedState:
Ever since I turned 18, I have always thought to myself that the one thing I would do is to own a gun and, of course, get a carry/conceal permit. However either money or time has been an issue. I always thought there was plenty of time.

However after seeing the raise of the Occupy Wall Street movement all over the place, I am now regreting the fact that I don’t have one and I can’t afford a gun right now.
So says a blogger at RedState, one of the largest--if not the largest--Republican blogs in the nation. The RedStater continued:
I hope Occupy Wall Street fizzles out this winter. Still, I personally regret that I cannot afford a gun right now. They are not that far away from me and thus I am not beyond being effected[sic]. I do not wish to go out and kill anyone, but only to protect myself and those around me.
The post reveals a combination of ignorance and a desire to use deadly force against peaceful non-violent demonstrators.

I won't link to RedState itself: the site is beneath contempt.

Hat Tip to Daily Kos.

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