Sunday, October 02, 2011

Occupy Wall Street demonstrations gain momentum

From Addicting Info:
I went back down to the foot of the bridge where a few hundred had gathered, waiting to see the fate of the others. There were dozens of cops (see above picture) just standing there blocking the entrance to the walkway. They were there in force. In all of the footage I’ve seen of the various Tea Party rallies I barely saw a single cop but it seems college students and old hippies are a terrifying threat to public order. I can only imagine how many actual bad guys went uncaught today as a result of this overwhelming concentration of police manpower to “guard” a peaceful protest.
Remember: it's only okay when Republicans do it. Republicans and Tea Partyers can riot and threaten but when anyone else tries to hold a peaceful protest, the police swarm all over them.

No matter; this movement is just getting started.

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