Monday, September 05, 2011

Think Progress: "Eric Cantor's Disaster Debacle"

Eric Cantor loves the spotlight, but the spotlight doesn't really love him back. Whenever Cantor does or says something extreme in order to draw attention to himself, he's more likely to receive jeers than cheers. Cantor's plan to slash funding for first responders in order to pay for disaster relief was no exception:
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) rarely misses an opportunity to demand draconian spending cuts. And he wasn’t about to let two recent disasters — the East Coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene — go without finding a way to advance his extreme Tea Party agenda.

Immediately after the East Coast earthquake, Cantor announced that there would be no additional funds appropriated for disaster relief unless they were offset with budget cuts elsewhere. This statement drew near-immediate criticism, but that didn’t stop Cantor from doubling down days later as Hurricane Irene was bearing down on the East Coast. And then Cantor reaffirmed his hardline stance just as it was becoming clear that Hurricane Irene had devastated states up and down the East Coast from North Carolina to Vermont.

Here’s a rundown of the action – and why Eric Cantor’s extreme stance is both misguided and dangerous.
Read the rest of the article at Think Progress.

Think Progress summed up Cantor's "debacle" nicely with a single sentence: "Cantor’s extreme position on disaster funding is not only misguided and hypocritical, it will kill jobs and makes dangerous cuts to our first responders."

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