Monday, September 05, 2011

Must read at Media Matters: "Fox Doctors Hoffa Speech To Fabricate Call For Violence"

Fox News is trying to engineer violence with fabricated news reports again:
Right-wing bloggers misled by dishonest Fox News video editing are attacking Teamsters President James Hoffa, Jr. for supposedly urging violence against Tea Party activists during a Labor Day speech. Conservatives are also attacking President Obama, who appeared at the event, for "sanctioning violence against fellow Americans" by failing to denounce Hoffa. But fuller context included in other Fox segments makes clear that Hoffa wasn't calling for violence but was actually urging the crowd to vote out Republican members of Congress.
Once again the right wing has been caught red handed doctoring footage and spreading lies, apparently in hopes of sparking violence between Tea Partiers and union members.

Read the entire story at Media Matters.

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