Sunday, September 18, 2011

Matt Geary takes off the gloves

The three way race for Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney has featured some amusing visuals. For instance, this morning the Republican candidate Matt Geary posted on his Facebook page this photo (above) of Delegate Bill Janis' vehicle parked illegally in front of a fire hydrant near the Henrico County court house with the caption: "Hey Bill Janis, next time you are looking for a parking spot, try to pick one that doesn't jeopardize the lives and property of the people of Henrico County. Let's hope there wasn't a fire that day."

Janis is running as an "independent" for the Commonwealth's Attorney's job even though he has never prosecuted a criminal case and his private law practice is primarily DUI defense. The Commonwealth's Attorney is responsible for supervising all prosecutors in their jurisdiction, something Janis clearly isn't qualified to do.

Geary has been spirited in his campaign, despite the fact that Janis has the tacit backing of the Republican machine in Henrico. Geary hasn't been shy about throwing elbows in the direction of Representative Eric Cantor. Is running against the Cantor machine a winning formula in Henrico?

Far and away the best qualified candidate for Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney is Democrat Shannon Taylor. Taylor has twelve years' experience as a criminal prosecutor and has prosecuted pretty much every kind of criminal charge. Geary has about three and a half years' experience as a prosecutor, and as noted above, Bill Janis has no real experience as a prosecutor, though he likes to boast about an internship he had during his third year of law school, which is really kind of silly when you consider it.

After all, what kind of prosecutor parks illegally in front of the court building?

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ECS said...

Matt Geary announced his candidacy over two years ago like a petulant child who hopes to keep what isn't rightly his by invoking, "But I had it first!" You get the feeling he was hoping not to have competition at all, and precisely because he won't win if he does. Nobody announces candidacy two years in advance! It's an indication--as is everything else that comes out of his mouth!--that something ain't right with the boy!