Monday, September 05, 2011

Is Perry the latest casualty of Cantor's insensitivity?

Rick Perry is not going to be able to make it to Jim DeMint's "Palmetto Freedom Forum" of GOP candidates tonight. Perry has to go back to Texas and pretend to care about the wildfires raging in much of Texas. Is Rick Perry the latest victim of Eric Cantor's perceived insensitivity towards disaster victims?

Cantor's behavior in the wake of the Virginia earthquake and Hurricane Irene has called into question the entire Republican Party's approach to dealing with disasters and the needs of victims. The GOP's response has ranged from "screw 'em" to "let's use them as a bargaining chip to cut entitlement spending."

The "Palmetto Freedom Forum" would have been an important step on Perry's road to the Republican presidential nomination, but he's having to skip it because the GOP brand can't sustain any additional evidence of insensitivity. So Perry, who up to this point has been perfectly happy to fiddle while Texas burned, has had to skip out on DeMint's Tea Party showcase debate and go back to Texas to pretend to fight the fires.

There's a certain irony there because Republican ideology says that Texans should fight the fires themselves with garden hoses and not get the "guv'ment" involved at all.

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