Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cantor's public relations catastrophe

Jeff Schapiro raises many important points in this clip. Eric Cantor has blundered badly. What Virginians and the nation as a whole need right now is leadership. What Eric Cantor has delivered is blind adherence to an ideology that has already been rejected by the vast majority of Americans. While Eric Cantor panders to the Tea Party, Virginians in the 7th district are struggling to recover from joblessness, and earthquake, and a drenching hurricane that has brought down thousands of trees and crippled their electrical power.

Virginians don't need Eric Cantor's political posturing: they need leadership that is willing to compromise in order to move forward and focus on problem solving.

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AndyM said...

Wow, Times-Dispatch, an anti-Cantor piece? Maybe the earthquake really did shake things up. When CAntor went after the good folks of Joplin, MO, he had no idea that his own people would be next. Hello, glass house, meet stone. Here's my proposal for Cantor: let's have hedge fund managers pay for disaster relief. A change in their tax break would help greatly.