Saturday, August 20, 2011

Required Reading: "Time for the jobless to march on Washington"

Richard Striner, a history professor at Washington College, has a must read column on today entitled "Time for the jobless to march on Washington."
Extremists in the tea party movement have been able to yell at disproportionately high volume in our country because of the sub-rosa patronage of some wealthy sponsors, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, multibillionaires who inherited a powerful conglomerate.

But the left and the center have their billionaires, too: public-spirited people such as Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. It's time for such people to fund a great protest march that would bring the unemployed right into the congressional offices of tea party representatives.

Once there, these unemployed people would deliver a simple demand: The government must act immediately to give them back employment. They could invoke quite a number of interesting historical precedents: the platform of the pre-Civil War Whig Party, whose leaders, including Henry Clay and young Abraham Lincoln, urged governmental "internal improvements" -- public works such as canal- and road-building projects -- to give work to the jobless during a ruinous depression that followed a financial panic in 1837.
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