Sunday, August 07, 2011

Powell hits Cantor hard over defense cuts

From the campaign of E. Wayne Powell for Congress:
Powell Questions Cantor's Leadership on "The Road Ahead" Following the Debt Ceiling Agreements

Chesterfield -E. Wayne Powell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Seventh Congressional District, stated today, that he questions whether Cantor has the leadership ability to favorably influence upcoming events expected as the $1.2 trillion in reductions agreed to last week take place. These cuts will be felt almost immediately by the constituents of the 7th District, Virginia, and the rest of the United States, and when the "automatic" reductions are triggered, "...defense will be reduced equally with other spending, and Virginia will feel a disproportionate impact because of the level of DOD and Federal investment in the state....What kind of leadership for the 7th, Virginia, or the country, is this?" asks Powell.

Mr. Powell retired from active duty in June, 2002 as a full Colonel, after spending 30 years in active and active Reserve status. The final 10 months of that service he spent on active duty, commanding intelligence specialists in the anti-terrorist effort targeting Bin Laden and others after 9-11-01. "During my 30 years of service, under Republican and Democratic Presidents, there were various RIF's (Reductions in Force), and other budget cuts, but nothing like this," he said. "Cantor obviously has no military experience, and is not looking to protect the national interests or national defense of the country, which is a core responsibility of the Congress, as set forth in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. There was always discretion to cut this or that, at this or that amount, but now, it will be mandated, with no discretion allowed and regardless of international threats against the nation," he added.

Clearly, while the Republican leadership insists that the President "owns the economy," while the clock ticked down on our nation's default, John Boehner, backed completely by Cantor, claimed he obtained 98% of their partisan goals, so Cantor "owns" this agreement, and its consequences. Any negotiator such as Cantor who would "negotiate, by refusing to negotiate on revenue, is not a negotiator," added Powell, "he's a hostage taker, except, in this case, he takes us all hostage, for partisan gain." Before preparing this press release, Powell reviewed leadership principles on line, but, more importantly he considered his own experience in the military, in the law, and in business. "Leadership by example is key: a willingness to sacrifice yourself to protect your troops, or in this instance your people, this is the military credo, and was the foundation of our nation, the hallmark of a leader. That's what leadership in America should be all about. Some of us live it, others live to avoid (or walk out on) it. Cantor is in the latter category. He would prefer to offend than defend this country, and in a world where American progressive leadership and ingenuity is most needed, he wants us to regress, and to slip comfortably into a 3rd world status. Those of us who want to keep our leadership status in the world, want us to continue to lead, not follow."

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