Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nine O'clock at Capital Alehouse

After many adventures and near misses I have managed to find another bar with wi-fi. The New York Deli lost power a few minutes past 8:00PM. I decided to make my way home via Monument Avenue and I am sad to report that the many old growth hardwood trees along Monument have taken a hammering. Many of these large trees with 24" to 36" diameters are down and blocking the street (I'll post pictures tomorrow).

I made it to Capital Alehouse at 6th and Main and they still have power and wi-fi access. It's surprising how hit and miss power loss has been. You may go five or six blocks and no one has power, but then the seventh block does have power. There are plenty of people out and about--bored and looking for something to do. For me, this is the last stop. I'm going home and going to bed soon.

I am really surprised at how many people lost power tonight. Yes, Irene is a hurricane/tropical storm, but from where I've been sitting it hasn't been that terrible of a storm. Why is our power grid so vulnerable? I'm sure we'll be talking about this for weeks to come.

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