Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me, Myself, and Irene

Okay, downtown Richmond lost power at about 5:13PM EST. It was far too early to go to bed, so I went out to find an establishment that served refreshing beverages and had wi-fi access. I'm at Richmond's New York Deli now.

It's a little surreal in Richmond right now. It's raining hard and there's a gusty wind. A lot of blocks have lost power, but other blocks still have it. There are small groups of twenty- and thirty-somethings wandering around looking for bars that are still open.

Funny thing about Richmonders--when a disaster or bad storm is predicted, they run around like chickens with their heads cut off; they mob the local grocery store to stock up on milk and bread. But whenever whatever it is arrives, be it storm or earthquake or whatever, they are almost blasé about it. Panic disappears and people just start looking for a bar that is still open and serving.

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