Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Galvin wins a place on Democratic ticket for Charlottesville Council

From the Galvin for Council Campaign:
We did it! The results from the Charlottesville Democratic Firehouse Primary are finally official, and I was nominated to be on the Democratic ticket along with Satyendra Huja and Dede Smith.

I’ve spoken with Huja and Dede already to congratulate them on campaigns well run. Just about everyone in town has gotten a call from Huja! Dede ran such an energetic campaign and was an inspiration to her supporters. I think that we’ve now assembled a ticket that represents a wide range of points of view within the Charlottesville Democratic Party and I look forward to working with my ticket mates in the general election campaign and on Council. All three of us, in concert with Kristin Szakos and Dave Norris, will be a team that will work hard for Charlotttesville.

I also want to say a word about the candidates who weren’t nominated by the Democratic Party. They all ran thoughtful and heartfelt campaigns; the massive turnout on Saturday was a sign of just how energized Charlottesville Democrats are. All of the candidates made important contributions to the public debate, and I hope that they will continue to contribute their ideas and energy during the general election, campaigning for the Democratic ticket of a united party in pursuit of good governance.

I want to thank my husband (and treasurer) Michael, my sons Patrick and Kevin (both of whom who diligently manned phones, stuffed envelopes and dropped campaign literature), and everyone in my family who has put up with so much for the last four months or so. Our Primary campaign staff did a fantastic job; we made over 10,000 calls and knocked on over 2500 doors during the main phase of the campaign, with 5000 additional voter contacts during GOTV. The folks who coordinated it all were: Ted Lichtenberger (Field Director), Henry Marsh (Dep. Field Dir. & Dep. Finance Director), Erin Monaghan (co-manager), Jonathan Stevens (co-manager), and Wendy Nix (Data entry guru). Special thanks to Sherry Kraft for early advice, my first “meet and greet” and ongoing check-ins from the Mediterranean, to Brian Umana and SU3 media for our innovative TV ad, and to Elizabeth McMartin who helped with the campaign literature and logo.

I was humbled to receive endorsements from so many folks that I respect and admire. In particular, Leah Puryear and Kristin Szakos provided huge boosts to our team both early and late in the campaign, and having former mayors Kay Slaughter and Bitsy Waters introduce me at two separate press conferences was truly gratifying. These endorsements sent a powerful message along with those of Charles Barbour, Virginia Daugherty, Sherry Kraft, Meredith Richards, Jonathan Blank, Alvin Edwards, Julian Taliaferro, Guian McKee, Jason Halbert, Ned Michie, Blake Caravati, Hosea Mitchell, Dave Chapman, and Peggy Van Yahres.

Finally, none of this would have been possible without folks like you – our volunteers and donors, who believed enough in this campaign to contribute your time and money at a time when both are in short supply.

I want to single out Ron Wiley for agreeing to be one of my tellers (along with Erin), Nina Gregory, Walt Heinecke, Sarah Peaslee, Karl and Jen Ackerman, Ned Michie, Connor Crook, Clarence McClymonds, and Alan Farr, all of whom went to extraordinary lengths to help out. My “meet and greet” hosts - in addition to Sherry and her husband Bill Lucy and the Ackermans, they were Souzanne Wright, Anne Hemenway, Art Lichtenberger and Liz Sloan, Marla Ziegler, Charles and Karen Marsh, Gail and Ron Wiley, and Kimberly and Robert Emery - all were phenomenally gracious and generous.

We have a few days to rest and regroup, but plans are already being made for a general election campaign for the co-ordinated Democratic ticket. There is still much work to do. However, with a united Democratic party and with your help, we’ll focus and finish the job.
This is great news from Charlottesville. We'll be watching this race closely in November and hopefully Galvin will be elected to Charlottesville's city council in the general election. Visit her campaign site here.

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