Monday, August 29, 2011

Eric Cantor AWOL from tour of Hurricane Irene damage

Representative Eric Cantor skipped an invitation from Republican Governor Bob McDonnell to tour hurricane damage to Cantor's own 7th District. Instead, McDonnell was accompanied by two other Virginia Representatives, Democrat Bobby Scott and Republican Rob Wittman. Bon Air, the neighborhood mentioned in Governor McDonnell tweet, is in Cantor's district, some where was Cantor?

Eric Cantor has vowed to block hurricane relief funds from his own constituents unless funds are cut somewhere else, a position that is seen by most as exceptionally mean and vicious even for Eric Cantor.

Another betrayal for the people of Virginia's 7th District from Eric Cantor.


engaged said...

Of course Cantor turned down McDonnell's invitation to tour the hurricane damage. If he doesn't see it, it doesn't exist, right?

Phil Barbato said...

The term "AWOL" is misleading here. Cantor turned down an invitation, but he is not absent without the governor's consent. I thought (hoped, if I'm honest) that he had actually disappeared.

The Richmonder said...

Cantor doesn't serve at the pleasure of the governor, he serves at the pleasure of his constituents, and Cantor is hiding from his constituents, refusing to hold open town halls.