Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cantor still missing as inspectors race to 7th CD nuclear plant

Eric Cantor is still off somewhere playing politics while federal inspectors try to determine if the North Anna nuclear power plant, located in Cantor's own congressional district, is safe to operate after last week's earthquake forced it to shutdown.
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Monday that it is deploying additional inspectors to the Virginia nuclear-power plant closest to the epicenter of last week's earthquake, after preliminary measurements suggested the 5.8-magnitude quake triggered shaking in excess of what the two reactors were designed to handle.
Maybe Eric Cantor thinks his time is better spent outside of the 7th district, or maybe he thinks it isn't safe there anymore. Most people who represent a district with a nuclear power plant might be expected to show a little more interest in the safety of such a facility in the event of something like an earthquake, but Eric Cantor is apparently to busy conducting his own, independent foreign policy to take care of things in his own back yard.

Either way, it's pretty stunning to see someone shirk their duties in such a flagrant way.

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