Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cantor dodges constituents, calls police

From Blue Virginia:
We did not have a meeting, we did get a time to meet with Rep. Cantor, and we did not get to address ways he can be creating jobs at all. She then gave us the number to the Washington office but didn't even do the favor of calling them, something she probably does multiple times a day. She then began going about her usual business, ignoring us even though we remained in the office.

When we were leaving, two police officers showed up and stated that they were there because someone reported suspicious behavior and suspicious persons - us. We continued out to our cars and left. As we did so, the police came out and remained in the parking lot to observe us leave.
When Cantor's staff gave these women the run around they knew the whole time that Cantor was planning a secret town hall meeting with only the tea party invited and didn't share that information with his constituents.

Eric Cantor's a coward who is afraid to meet with his constituents.

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