Sunday, July 17, 2011

Required Reading: Jeff Schapiro's "Virginia's young gun misfires"

Eric "Wormtongue" Cantor

Jeff Schapiro has a must read column in today's Richmond Times Dispatch. In "Virginia's young gun misfires," Schapiro describes Eric Cantor's disastrous week:
Eric Cantor this past week had an opportunity to define himself for an audience beyond the Beltway as more than a rigid conservative with one word in his vocabulary: no. Instead, the U.S. House majority leader, seen as a deal breaker rather than a deal maker, may have only trivialized himself.

Having walked out of Joe Biden-led budget-and-deficit talks; undercut John Boehner on a big fix and engaged Barack Obama in verbal fisticuffs over the fine print of a possible deal, Cantor looked more the insipid pill than the professional politician. It was, David Weigel wrote for the online publication Slate, the "official Newt-ification of Eric Cantor."
Read the entire column here.

When I reflect on the fact that gerrymandering has more or less guaranteed Eric Cantor a seat in Congress for life I feel deep embarrassment for Virginia.

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