Friday, July 15, 2011

Powell questions Cantor's Maturity

Wayne Powell, candidate for the Democratic nomination to take on Eric Cantor, has released a statement questioning Cantor's maturity:
E. Wayne Powell, Candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Congress Questions Cantor’s Maturity, and his Lack of Focus on the Best Interests of Americans in Light of his Misbehavior at Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Chesterfield -- E. Wayne Powell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Seventh Congressional District, stated today, that he questions whether Cantor has the “maturity,” and the focus on the “best interests” of the constituents of the 7th District and the Country, given his behavior during his on-again, off-again participation in debt ceiling negotiations.

Mr. Powell stated, “After I commented last month on Cantor’s “temper tantrum” when he refused to consider taxing the richest Americans in conjunction with spending cuts, his misbehavior continues. It was reported that Cantor interrupted the President three times during the negotiations at the White House, and even offered a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, to be revisited next year, designed to coincide with the Presidential election, no doubt. It is obvious that Cantor is not seriously negotiating. When asked by one questioner on NBC what the GOP was willing to give up in the negotiations, as usual, he sneered. He wouldn’t want to upset his Tea Party ‘cronies.’”

“Cantor voiced no opposition to the debt limit increases which occurred seven times during the Bush administration. In fact the national debt more than doubled during the Bush administration, from ‘$5.950 trillion’ in 2001 to ‘$11.315 trillion’ in 2008. After the recent recession which occurred at the end of the Bush era, the debt increased to the present level of ‘$14.294 trillion.’ But Cantor and his allies place the deficit and the need to increase the debt ceiling totally at the feet of the President. It’s like the prior 8 years didn’t exist. This is wishful thinking.”

“Cantor is engaging in magical thinking if he really believes that preserving tax cuts for the super rich leads to job creation. If that were the case, then where are the jobs since the tax cut of 2003 which created the recession that almost became a depression? Who does Eric Cantor think he is? Where are the moderation and the willingness to compromise which has characterized Americans through history when faced with a serious national challenge? Jonathan Allen of Politico spoke to one lawmaker who quipped, ‘he’s all about Eric.’ The constituents of the 7th Congressional District should expect that they elect someone who is ‘all about them.’”

“We have in Cantor someone who, when faced with a national crisis, won’t even sit in a room to seek a solution. The failure to raise the country’s debt limit will affect every American, and will send economic ripples throughout the world. The reality for the elderly, the young, as well as our military that face death every day is that they will not receive their checks next month if there is no agreement to increase the debt ceiling.”

“We need a representative who seeks solutions, not one who ignores the needs of his constituents and the American people.”

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