Sunday, July 10, 2011

"For Lease"

A short film about Richmond's Admissions Tax and the proposed Arts District.

Richmond, Virginia's Admissions Tax is stifling the creation of a vibrant arts district in Virginia's capital city. Richmond has everything it needs to host a music scene like Nashville, Tennessee or Austin, Texas as well as a fine arts scene on a par with Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Take a walk through Richmond's proposed arts district and see for yourself how the Admissions Tax has blighted a neighborhood that should be full of live music venues and art galleries.

Contact Richmond City Council and let them know that you support the repeal of Richmond's Admissions Tax.

Phone: (804) 646-7955
Fax: (804) 646-5468


F.T. Rea said...

J.C., nice job.

It opens the door to imagining what's not there. In order to understand what's so wrong with Richmond's rather obscure seven percent admissions tax, you have to be able to see how different it could be without it.

That's a tricky thing.

So, we need more videos, more articles, lots of creative devices that will help smooth out the process of making it easier for those who've not previously considered the issue to wise up.

The Man! said...

I'm one of the original founders of the nightclub Rockitz back in the 80's, I have always held an interest in opening a new showcase club in Richmond. Unfortunately, the city of Richmond has so many road blocks to opening a new live music venue that I can't put together a business model where the potential for reward outweighs the risk (cost) factor.
Our city officials should take a look at the Texas and Austin Music Offices and learn about the incentives the government has in place. They will send you the book! Then look at the rewards pouring in to the city. Benefits abound: Employment, goods & services, real estate use, tourism, local resident spending, etc. It's all a boon to the city.
Agents from New York to Los Angeles are still asking when we are going to wake up! Every touring band passes within a mile of downtown - on their way from D.C. to N.C. Many of them would be happy to stop in R-VA but there are so few venues so they pass right by.
Give entrepreneurs the opportunity and we'll be there.
Repeal the admissions tax, offer grants to businesses willing to sign leases for businesses from the Fan to Church Hill, lower initial employer/employee taxes for start-ups, reimburse or repeal the license fees for recorded music. What about the Dance Hall license? LOWER THE THRESHOLD and I'll give it a swing!
/David Hudert