Saturday, June 04, 2011

Trump hammers Cantor over relief for tornado victims

Say what you like about Donald Trump--I personally dislike the man--but he is a national media figure with a lot of cameras pointing at him, so it can't be good news for Eric Cantor when Donald Trump makes a point of criticizing Cantor in front of those cameras.
[T]he defining point may have been the incredulity he expressed toward the philosophical wisdom of U.S. foreign policy and the fiscal priorities of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

Speaking to a friendly crowd, Trump meandered into a sharp criticism of Cantor for holding up disaster relief aid to tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri.

"A certain Republican representative, two nights ago -– I watched on television -– Representative Cantor, who I like, said we don't want to give money to the tornado victims," he said. "And yet, in Afghanistan we are spending ten billion dollars a month but we don't want to help the people that are devastated by tornadoes -- wiped out, killed, maimed, injured. We don't have money for them but we are spending ten billion dollars a month in Afghanistan. We are spending billions of dollars in Iraq where they have the second largest oil fields in the world … and we can't help people that got flooded in Mississippi that got hit horribly by tornadoes."

Trump wasn't the only Republican at the event to distance himself from the Majority Leader, who has insisted that disaster aid be offset by spending reductions elsewhere. Earlier at the forum, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said he disagreed with the idea that such money needed to be offset by corresponding spending cuts.

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