Friday, June 24, 2011

Powell condemns Cantor's Budget Talk walkout

From E. Wayne Powell:
E. Wayne Powell, Candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Congress Expresses Dismay and Disappointment with Cantor Quitting Budget Talks

Chesterfield -E. Wayne Powell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Seventh Congressional District, stated today, that he is not only “disappointed,” but “dismayed” that Cantor would withdraw from the bipartisan budget talks, putting partisan politics above the good of the country and the constituents of the 7th District .

Mr. Powell stated, “We have no time or patience for temper tantrum politics when the good faith and credit of the nation are at risk, and our country is engaged in two wars simultaneously. While fighting two wars and spending more than $10 Billion a month to maintain our forces there, Congressman Cantor and his buddy, former President Bush, reduced taxes for their millionaire friends. Cantor was instrumental in this huge tax break for the wealthy, without regard to the trillions of dollars of debt which then ensued. His sudden deep concern for the debt rings hollow in light of his previous behavior.

“Moreover, Cantor had no problem supporting the debt limit increases which occurred several times during the Bush administration.

“But now, Cantor walks out, after enabling and creating this debt crisis and after reports of significant progress had been reported by both sides. Cantor’s excuse for quitting is that he doesn’t ‘…believe now is the time to raise taxes in light of our current economic situation.’

“Anyone with any experience in any business, including politics, knows that in a negotiation, all options and alternatives must be considered, regardless of what the final resolution might be. But to walk out of the negotiation, to be a quitter, that’s not the stuff of a real leader, and that’s not going to solve our problems. To gather all his marbles and go home is simply childish and terribly unproductive.

“We have serious problems in this country and we are only going to resolve them when all of us, no matter what our political party, come to the table sincerely, willing to do the hard work of negotiating, discussing and compromising. Solutions do not come from petulant political posturing; they come from serious effort.”

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