Monday, June 06, 2011

Morrissey will not primary Marsh

From the office of Joe Morrissey:
Today, Delegate Joseph “Joe” Morrissey (D-74) announced that he will be seeking re-election to his 74th district seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. In a statement by Delegate Morrissey during his press conference this afternoon he said, “I have visited schools in Hopewell, Petersburg, and Richmond, Public Housing Projects, senior citizen high rise, numerous civic associations and have done extensive polling. The question was not could I win, but at what cost. Whilst I believe I could win the seat of the 16th State Senate District I do not want to create any divisiveness in the party at a time when the entire General Assembly is running for re-election, especially when there is a very important election next year. The “old” Joe would have come out, guns blazing, full speed ahead. The “new” Joe is a bit more contemplative. It is important to throttle back my ambitions in order to present a strong Democratic front in November. I’ve spoken to Ward (Armstrong, House Minority Leader) and am excited to continue to work next to him in the House Democratic Caucus and help get more democrats elected and re-elected to the House.”

Morrissey went on to say that he had talked to Senator Marsh and wished him good luck.

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