Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the GOP: Robert Mecklenborg edition

From the DLCC:
Just after the Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives approved legislation that effectively will restrict voters’ access to the ballot box, a report surfaced that the bill’s sponsor, GOP Rep. Robert Mecklenborg, was arrested in April on DUI charges.

Now that copies of his arrest report and related court documents have been posted online, the story has become more interesting.

A bit before midnight on April 23, an Indiana state trooper pulled Rep. Mecklenborg over in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, for a burned-out headlight while driving a 2004 Lexus with temporary Kentucky tags.

After smelling alcohol on Rep. Mecklenborg’s breath and observing his bloodshot eyes, the trooper administered three separate field sobriety tests, all of which Rep. Mecklenborg failed. The Representative refused to take a Preliminary Breath Test. The trooper then placed him under arrest.

Rep. Mecklenborg was pulled over near a Burger King and a Holiday Inn Express near the corner of Lorey Lane and US 50 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Two other points of interest within three- and five-minute drives, respectively, of that location are the Concepts Lounge Showgirls strip club and the Hollywood Casino.

Rep. Mecklenborg had a passenger with him in the vehicle at the time he was pulled over. According to the arrest report, her name is Tiona Roberts, 26. Unsubstantiated sources indicate that she has connections to Concepts, but this is unconfirmed at the time of this writing.

The Dearborn authorities required Rep. Mecklenborg to undergo a blood test to determine his level of intoxication, which was found to be 0.097%, above the legal limit in Indiana and Ohio. The blood test also revealed that he recently had ingested Viagra.
GOP family values at work.

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