Monday, June 27, 2011

Allen's tracker at the RCDC banquet

George F. Allen has several trackers following him, and he's clearly upset about it because he complains to every reporter that comes near him. Of course the reality of the situation is that Allen brought this upon himself: the man is a gaffe machine. The "M-word" debacle is by far the best known example, but Allen had several other gaffes during the 2006 election that would have been memorable in and of themselves were in not for the way the "M-word" overshadowed everything else. In short, George F. Allen is someone worth putting a video tracker on precisely because he's so likely to reward that tracker with a "memorable" quote.

So Allen likes to complain about the swarm of trackers he's attracted, but he doesn't talk much about his own history of deploying trackers like Hunter Pickles who trespassed onto private property, deliberately bumped and shoved Jim Webb to try and draw an angry reaction, and who was finally ordered by a judge to cease his tracking activities or face jail time. You also won't hear much about Allen's current tracker, the one who showed up at last week's Richmond City Democratic Committee.

This nice young man showed up with a ticket purchased for him by the Allen campaign (thanks for the $55) and proceeded to stand by himself in a corner for two or three hours. He did not eat or drink, though his ticket entitled him to do both. He stayed until Tim Kaine spoke, taped Kaine's speech, and then left, missing the singing and the awards ceremony. His loss.

Nobody bothered him--there was no point to bothering him. For one thing, Tim Kaine is a polished stump speaker and he isn't going to make any sloppy mistakes. For another, I taped Kaine's speech myself and posted it online hours before Allen's tracker would have been able to deliver it to his bosses.

Odds makers might want to consider the fact that one campaign is upset and afraid of trackers while the other campaign not only doesn't care about being taped, it actually has some of its own supporters taping and promoting the speeches of its candidate.

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