Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tim Kaine meets Richmond Area Young Democrats

Yesterday afternoon in Richmond, former governor and DNC Chairman (and current U.S. Senate candidate) TIm Kaine met with a good sized group of Richmond-area Young Democrats. The occasion was a joint cookout with the Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats and the Virginia Commonwealth University College Democrats. After chowing down on hamburgers, hot dogs, and vegetarian choices, Virginia's next U.S. Senator, Tim Kaine, spoke to the crowd about what it means to be a Democrat in Virginia. Kaine told the young democrats that he feels pretty good about where about where he is in his current race. It was a busy day for Kaine, he'd already met with Young Democrats elsewhere in the state and still had several more stops to make in his day.

Bottom line, Kaine is serious and focused on the race for Jim Webb's Senate seat. Kaine is one of the best retail politicians I've ever met. He enjoys campaigning and has a great work ethic. George Allen is in trouble, and probably knows it. The next step in the Republican playbook is to go massively negative, so stay tuned.

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