Friday, May 27, 2011

Radtke hammers Allen for ducking the Ryan question

Tea Party Republican Jamie Radtke has endorsed Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare and partially replace it with a voucher program. Radtke is demanding that George F. Allen join her in endorsing Ryan's plan, but so far Allen has ducked the question.
Time for Honest, Courageous Leadership,
not Poll-Driven Platitudes

Last week when the Washington Post asked George Allen where he stands on the Ryan budget plan – Allen dodged. And yesterday, when the Washington Post asked Tim Kaine how he would've voted on the Obama budget – Kaine dodged.

Jamie Radtke is not dodging the issue:

“To rescue this country from fiscal calamity, Virginians and Americans desperately need honest, courageous leadership, not poll-driven platitudes designed to avoid controversy.

"George Allen constantly says ‘we need to rein in spending,’ but when there is a solution for reining in spending on the table, he dodges.

"I am sending a letter to George Allen today calling on him to join me in full support of the Ryan budget plan. Congressman Ryan has taken bold steps to put a solution on the table, especially in regard to entitlement reform. We need to embrace this plan while continuing our efforts to accelerate spending cuts and balance the budget as soon as possible. It's time to stop dodging."

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Text of Jamie Radtke's letter to George Allen:
May 26, 2011

George Allen
2819 North Parham Road
Suite 210
Henrico, VA 23294

Dear George,

In the House, Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan was supported by Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Representative Michele Bachmann and others. In the Senate it was supported by Senator Jim DeMint, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Marco Rubio and others.

They took a stand.

In your public statements, you often say that you too want to “rein in spending.” But last week, when the Washington Post asked if you would join Senator DeMint, Senator Lee and Senator Rubio in taking a stand on the Ryan budget plan – you dodged.

It is easy to say “we need to rein in spending.” Almost every politician does it. It is tougher to take a stand on spending cuts and entitlement reforms. But getting the economy back on track is too important for ‘politics as usual.’

The people of Virginia deserve to know where you stand and whether – like Senators DeMint, Lee and Rubio – you will take the tough and, yes, politically risky, stand to put our economy back on track.

We finally have conservatives in Congress who have the guts to lead and are putting real solutions on the table, and Republicans need to embrace them.

No more politics. Will you join me in full support of Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity Plan?”

All my best,

Jamie Radtke
This issue could provide Radtke with the traction she's been looking for. So far, the base of the GOP has been demanding that Republican elected officials close ranks around Paul Ryan. Newt Gingrich's presidential run flamed out spectacularly when he criticized Ryan's plan as too radical. Are Virginia Republicans going to give George Allen a free pass on this issue, or will they demand that Allen stand by Paul Ryan's plan to destroy Medicare?

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