Sunday, May 01, 2011

McDonnell shut down by Axelrod

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Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell was completely shut down by David Axelrod on Meet the Press this morning. McDonnell started to boast about "balancing" Virginia's budget when David Axelrod cut in to point out that McDonnell had "balanced" Virginia's budget by taking $1.7 billion in stimulus funds from Barack Obama's Recovery Act and then borrowing the rest of the money from Virginia's Transportation Fund and State Employees' retirement funds. Bob McDonnell balanced nothing: he simply kicked the can further down the road and created more debt for Virginians.

Axelrod's response was interesting from another standpoint. Clearly the Obama administration regards McDonnell as a potential challenger, either as a presidential nominee or as a vice presidential pick, because David Axelrod was primed with the talking points. Axelrod knew exactly who McDonnell was, what he'd done as governor, what his weaknesses were, and how to take McDonnell down several pegs.

Is Bob McDonnell running for Vice President? Clearly David Axelrod thinks so.

Hat tip to Lowell.

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