Friday, May 06, 2011

Massive Republican election fraud in Wisconsin

There is a psychological phenomenon known as "projection" in a person unconsciously denies his or her own beliefs, feelings, and actions, and then ascribes them--or "prjects" them--onto an opponent. Take the Republican Party's obsession with voter fraud. Ask a Republican about voter fraud and they'll spin you a yarn about ACORN and other liberal organizations involving voter fraud. The truth is that none of these accusations has ever been proven. The real reason that Republicans are obsessed with the possibility of stolen elections is that Republicans try to steal elections all the time.

Take the recent recall election petition drives in Wisconsin for instance:
Wisconsin Democrats, who are seeking to win a majority in the state Senate through recalls against six incumbent Republicans, have filed a challenge to Republican efforts to recall three Dems, alleging that vast levels of fraud will disqualify the Republican recall efforts against Democrats.

The Dems had previously announced that they would file such a challenge, citing stories of voters being misled into signing petitions. The Dems also alleged that Republican signature-gatherers were brought in from out of state and paid on a per-signature basis.

The Dems rolled rolled out their official complaint on Thursday, after making phone calls to almost 1,800 petition-signers, and acquiring affidavits from signers who say they were falsely told that the petitions were for other things -- such as supporting a local park, recalling a Republican state senator in a different district, or recalling Gov. Scott Walker.
How clumsy and inept were the Republicans' fraud? Well, let's put it this way: they used the name of a judge who has been dead for twenty years. This man's two sons are, respectively, a judge and a Democratic member of the state legislature.

Read more at TPM and read the Democratic Party's release about their complaint here.

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