Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kathy Galvin announces for Charlottesville City Council

From the Galvin for City Council campaign:
Charlottesville architect, urban design consultant and School Board member Kathleen M. “Kathy” Galvin announced her candidacy for Charlottesville City Council at 12 pm today Wednesday, May 18th in front of the Transit Center at the East end of the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. Ms. Galvin has filed with the Charlottesville City Democratic Party to run in the August 20th “Firehouse Primary” for the Democratic nomination for one of the three City Council positions on the ballot November 8th, 2011.

Charlottesville School Board Chair Leah Puryear introduced Ms. Galvin, to a crowd of about 40 supporters, volunteers, and onlookers. Here are excerpts of Ms. Galvin’s remarks (full text attached):
Thank you , Leah. I am honored that Leah agreed to introduce me here today. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Kathy Galvin and I’m running for City Council as a proud Democrat. Along with Leah, I want to thank my colleagues on the school board (who have taught me a lot about teamwork and pursuing a shared mission,) friends, supporters, my brand new volunteer campaign staff, and most of all my family.

My husband of 24 years, Michael Costanzo is here, as is my son Patrick who came home for the summer just in time to work on the campaign. My youngest son, Kevin, eagerly volunteered to help, but he’s in class at CHS right now . . . as a council candidate who also happens to be a sitting school board member I found myself in the unusual position of FORBIDDING one of my biggest supporters from attending this event.

Many of you were with me when I ran for School Board ….and won, four years ago. Many of you hail from the planning and design professions…a calling (or is it a burden!) we both share. Many of you have also served this beautiful City in so many ways. All of you want good, effective government and care about the future of Charlottesville. So do I.

I am eager to talk to you about how we are going to run a positive, issues based campaign for City Council. But before I get a little too serious (something I’ve been known to do all too often…well I am the girl who always “does her homework!”) I’d like to ask you a question. “How many Virginians does it take to change a light bulb? Six; one to change it and five to talk about it.” Funny but a bit true don’t you think? I believe it’s time to focus and finish what we start here in Charlottesville. The way we do that is by working together as one council and one community to make Charlottesville Greener, Smarter, Stronger . . . by design.

I’m running for Council because I believe we as a City need to be;

“greener” in how we build and how we plan,

“smarter” in how we work together to set priorities and execute those plans,

“stronger” in order to meet the global, economic challenges of the 21st century.

We will not succeed in being greener, smarter and stronger for this generation or generations to come, unless we are visionary, comprehensive and intentional.

We can only take our City to the next level if we govern......by Design…not default.

I am asking for your vote for the Democratic nomination on August 20, 2011. It won’t be easy, we have lots of doors to knock, calls to make, and hands to shake, but we will reach out person to person, voter to voter, to make our case. Thank you, and let’s get to work!
You can find more information at the Galvin for City Council website.

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