Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Eric Cantor supports private death panels

Eric Cantor thinks that decisions about healthcare and who may be denied life-saving treatments should be left to private, for-profit corporations that stand to profit if they can deny care to the sick and the elderly:
In remarks to the College of American Pathologists, Cantor warned that Democrats' healthcare reform law mandates benefits that are too generous and will bankrupt the country as the government ends up having to offer ever increasing subsidies. That can only lead to government rationing, he said.

"That doesn't mean those kinds of decisions aren't being made now by the private sector," Cantor added, "because they are."

* * *

Later, Cantor said Republicans want a safety net for people who can't afford care but that "we're not for everyone having the same outcome guaranteed."
Cantor makes it very clear, he's not opposed to death panels, he's only opposed to government death panels. Private, for-profit death panels are A-Okay in Eric Cantor's book.

Read more at The Hill.

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