Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cantor gets an early challenger

Chesterfield attorney E. Wayne Powell has announced that he will challenge 7th Congressional District incumbent Eric Cantor. From the Times Dispatch:
Announcing his candidacy, Powell said Cantor has never represented his constituents in the 7th District, but is more interested in "his own advancement and in promoting the objectives of others."

A Democrat, Powell said Congress should continue to provide full funding for Medicare and Social Security. He would support ending tax breaks for the top 1 percent of wage earners and ending oil subsidies. The ending of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as soon as possible should be a top national priority, he said. He said he supports health-care reform and immigration reform.

"In my view ... fixing Washington would be in large part accomplished by defeating Eric Cantor," Powell said. He said Cantor is someone "who embodies much of what is wrong with the political system as it operates in our country today."
He looks like someone who could be a solid candidate, particularly since Cantor has chosen to be the poster boy for the GOP plan to end Medicare. Paul Ryan may have authored the Medicare-killing plan, but Cantor has tirelessly championed the Ryan plan, relentlessly whipping it among his Republican House colleagues. Cantor won't be able to shed the label of Medicare-killer.

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